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Cayler & Sons CS2799 - Chainlinked Socks 2-Pack

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Cayler & Sons CS2799

In street fashion, the CS2799 socks from Cayler and Sons are a must-have to boost your look without overdoing it. Rather discreet, they still combine style and comfort. This model is made of cotton, elastane and polyester. This assemblage of materials makes it flexible, comfortable and most importantly resistant. The areas at the toe and heel have been reinforced to withstand friction with your shoes. Beyond its numerous qualities, this pair of socks is especially attractive for its chain-like patterns printed on its lengths. They are sure to draw attention to your shoes so don't hesitate to wear them. This fashion accessory comes in a range of sizes from 39 to 43 and is usually made for larger sizes. You will find it in a black/white and black/gold color.

Reference : CS2799
Manufacture: cotton, polyester, elastane
Sizes: 39 to 43

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