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Cayler & Sons CS2783 - Monogramm Pray Curved Cap

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Cayler & Sons CS2783

The Prayor Monogramm Curved Cap CS2783 is a cap with multiple advantages. It comes with a buckle closure to adjust the size according to yours. It also displays a very aesthetic, inconspicuous black "Pray" embroidery to give it a special look. The entire underside of the curved visor is magnified by several " Pray " writings colored in white. A triangle-shaped embroidery that gives the cap a touch of originality. This accessory is available in black/white color of which the majority is black. Pleasant to wear, the Prayor Monogramm Curved Cap CS2783 is made with 100% cotton fabric with a harmonious seam at the level of the visor to ensure a perfect look for the cap. It can be worn in all seasons and especially during the summer season to protect you from sunburn.

Reference : CS2783
Manufacture : 100% cotton
Color : Black/White
Unique size

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