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Urban Classics TB4609 - Layered ring necklace

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Urban Classics TB4609

The Ring Layering Necklacke TB4609 jewel from the Urban Classics brand is a trendy accessory for women . This pretty accessory has been fashioned in refined iron , colored in gold or silver, it stands out for its high quality. It is an assembly of three necklaces with different chains which are superimposed. The first consists of two crochet chains that meet in the middle by an empty circle, this one gives a rather original style to the whole. The second is made of larger stitches. And the last necklace brings together the chains of a gourmette, it stands out with its fine filigree rings . In gold, this jewel highlights warm complexions, brunettes and redheads. In silver, the Ring Layering Necklacke is suitable for cooler complexions, blondes and light browns.

Reference: TB4609
Manufacture: 100% iron
Colors: gold and silver
Unique size

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