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Mister Tee MT2135 - Fuck OFF Desk Pad

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Mister Tee MT2135

The MT2135 desk pad from Mister Tee is a trendy , useful and essential accessory for a workstation. It ensures ultimate comfort to the wrists and the hand, it protects both the desk from possible friction and scratches. Presenting itself with a very simple design, this desk pad takes the form of a straight rectangle , with dimensions 60 x 40 x 5 cm . The inscription "F**k off" adorns the top of this accessory to convey a more fun and humorous message. It has a very dark black color on the bottom and white inscriptions in capital letters bringing out an entertaining decoration. It promises a simple, but decorated office. This accessory is available in black and white colors only, with a single choice of size. Suitable for any workstation, it can be adopted as a computer or mouse pad. Very comfortable, this desk pad is made from robust rubber that is very pleasant to the touch.

Reference: MT2135
Construction: 100% rubber, other materials
Colours: Black/White
Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 5cm

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