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Bear Dream SB4002 - Bath towel

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Bear Dream SB4002

This Bear Dream towel has many qualities that place it directly among the most sought-after products in its category. It can be used both for personal and professional use (for a hotel, for example).
It is made entirely of cotton, a natural material that has already proven itself in terms of quality, robustness and ease of care. Soft and particularly absorbent, this towel will not dull your skin and will even take care of it. Its absorption qualities are justified by its high Weight, a feature often found on high-quality items.
This model is available in various colours so that you can combine it more easily with other elements of your bathroom decor. In addition, it has a 9 cm polyester slat for a more attractive look.
- Fabric: 100% cotton
- Weight: 400 g/m2


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